Lab Tests


Did the doctor prescribe a pathology test? Then get the tests carried out at your home. No need to visit a diagnostic lab to get blood work done. Avail of expert pathology lab testing at home with Causes & Cure home lab testing services. 

At Causes & Cure, we have top-class, fully automated pathology labs looked after by certified and experienced staff. We have partnered with accredited pathology labs looked after by the certified and experienced staff. Plus, our expert phlebotomists ensure prompt and accurate results, whether it’s a blood test or a BP check at home

The exceptional lab test services that Causes & Cure offers are affordable, precise, and prompt. Our agents practice maximum precautions to ensure your safety at the time of sample collection.

Why choose us?

100% safe & hygienic

From our equipment like needles and syringes to sample collecting vials, everything is 100% hygienic. Our phlebotomists employ the best practices to ensure your safety.

No need to visit the diagnostic lab

We don’t bother you to leave for path labs; we bring the lab to you.

Sample collection at your doorstep

We collect the samples and deliver the reports at your doorstep, meaning no need for you to leave your home.

Total flexibility

Get full body check-ups as per your specific needs, like senior citizen health check-up; women's health check-up package; cardiac health check-up package; corporate health check-up

Check test reports online

We deliver the test reports at your home, but you can also check the same online within a couple of minutes.

We follow COVID-19 guidelines

We ensure that we never break the COVID protocols while collecting the samples or delivering the reports. Our personnel thoroughly stick to the guidelines and use masks, gloves, and sanitizers while maintaining the appropriate distance.

Along with the blood test at home, we also provide services like Blood Pressure checkups, Full body checkups, Diabetes tests & checkups, and Thyroid tests at your home. Call Causes & Cure for getting the lab test samples collected at your doorstep.

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