Medical equipment rental/sale

Major hospital chains and healthcare facilities need proper equipment to do a good job of diagnosing the problems and treating it. If your healthcare centre needs top of the line advanced medical equipment then you can rely on us at Causes & Cure for total solutions.

We tie up with healthcare facilities and provide them advanced medical equipment on rental and sale basis. Such equipment can also be arranged for home healthcare requirements.

Causes & Cure provides all the major medical equipment and machinery for:

Respiratory support

You can recover at your own home with complete medical care and equipment available at Causes & Cure. We lend respiratory support machines like BiPAP, CPAP, Nebulizer, suction machine, oxygen concentrator, etc., for your speedy recovery at home.

Sleep support

Now get rid of the sleep disorders & apnea at your own home with our medical support services that come with necessary support equipment and machines like auto CPAP, N10 nasal masks, P10 masks, etc.

Cardiac support

You don’t need to spend nights at hospitals to recover from cardiac problems because Causes & Cure brings a suction machine, oxygen concentrator, infusion pump, and ECG to your home on a rental basis.

Mobility support

For patients with mobility issues, you can also rent a patient bed, air mattress, wheelchair and much more medical equipment from us.

Physiotherapy equipment

We make available physiotherapy units like TENS machine, ultrasound, IFT, CPM, and pneumatic compressor.

We also provide rehabilitation aids to the patients that have been discharged from the hospital but still require medical attention at home. You can also rent physiotherapy equipment like ultrasound, CPM, pneumatic compressor at Causes & Cure at very affordable rates. We ensure that you get all the best medical & healthcare facilities at your home, along with the love and support from your family.

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