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X-ray is the digital imaging of the body parts that helps physicians diagnose internal injuries, infections, and fractures and come up with a suitable treatment for recovery. Now you have the chance to get x-rays done at home itself. At Causes & Cure, we provide portable X-ray at-home services to help diagnose internal injuries.

At Causes & Cure, the teams of the best-qualified X-ray technicians are always ready to provide you with consultation and diagnosis services at the comfort of your home. Our doctors will visit you at home and diagnose you with utmost attention and sincerity. If there is a need for X-ray imaging, our seasoned X-ray technicians will provide you with the best services at home with portable digital X-ray imaging that emits zero harmful radiation. So, no more commuting and waiting in the queues when we offer doorstep portable X-ray service.

Why Causes & Cure is the ideal name for
portable x-rays at home

Expert views

We have the best radiologists to read and report your X-ray images. It helps you get the best diagnosis while we get to earn your trust, a win-win situation for our patients and us.


We bring the X-ray to your home, which means no need for you to compromise with the comfort and care that you get at your home. Plus, our X-ray machinery does not emit harmful radiation.

Reports home delivered

Not only do we carry out the X-ray at your home, but we also provide the X-ray film along with the report at your address. Moreover, you can check the X-ray reports online as well.


We use the best portable X-ray technologies to ensure that you get the complete X-ray diagnostic services at your doorstep. That’s why we employ highly trained X-ray technicians that deliver accurate X-ray diagnostics at your home.


We provide comprehensive X-ray services that include an X-ray of limbs, joints, chest, head, hips, and neck.

Contact us at Causes & Cure for any diagnostic needs like x-rays at home. We will make it happen for you.

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